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At SEB Elevating Life, we have developed a TailorMade Interior Vastu Formula which can help anyone elevate their Life without making major changes.

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in Vaastu Within Walls, you learn how to realign your interiors as per Vastu without making any construction changes but still experiencing the Vastu Benefits

Free 1:1 Discovery Call

Ideal for people who are facing constant issues in their life and are confused if the reason for their problems is linked with Vastu.

Workshop For Study

Ideal for parents wanting to 10x their child's focus while studying by just relocating the Study Desk as per our unique formula and achieve noticeable results in just 10 Days!

Workshop For Money

Ideal for anyone who wants to increase money flow, is suffering from stuck money or troubled with Excessive Expenditure

Vaastu Within Walls

Ideal for anyone who'd want to fix their Interiors as per Vastu by themselves without making any construction changes.
(No technical knowledge needed, we do it for you)

Advance Vastu Course

Ideal for people from a Real Estate background who'd like to learn how to design Vastu Compliant Spaces
(this course is in collaboration with Kaarwan)

Vastu Consultation

Ideal for people moving to a new house or planning to build a new house. It is always recommended to consult before finalising the house so that the best house can be suggested.


What Our Clients Say

Our Client's experiences
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I am beyond happy to share the new of my employment with you!
Yess, I got the job!
Its been 8 months since I was looking for an opportunity here in Dubai and within three weeks of your acquaintance I have landed a job!
I am so surprised that this has happened literally overnight. Thank you so much.

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I can't believe this! I just got promoted and it wasn't even the time of promotion. It has just been a month since I've moved to my new House as suggested by you as per Vastu and clearly this is just the beginning.
For anyone looking for a new House and want to really uplift your life with this new house, you need to take a Vastu Guidance for Savii. You'll be super amazed!

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My husband just got his long awaited appraisal today morning. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. We had been waiting for this. Our everyday fights have also reduced and things have started to feel more aligned now. I have recommended you already to my friends and family. Thank you so much.


Savii E Barroliya

Savii is India’s only Vastu Expert who is also an Architect.
She has consulted over 1800+ Families in the last 2 years.

She taught Tailormade InteriorVastu Formula to over 300+ Architects & Interior Designers.

Savii is On A MISSION To Help 1 Million Families To Get Solutions To Their Pressing Problems NATURALLY Through The Unique TailorMade InteriorVastu Formula